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In Australia, even households with good incomes can struggle from time to time and it’s not unusual for people to need debt help.

Some people gamble, some party too much, others like cars or clothes. Being in debt is nothing to be ashamed of and can happen to the best of us. Don't let debts define you - get out of debt today. Call to find out how.

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Get Out of Debt Today


Can I get out of debt today without compromising my financial future?

  • Debt Agreements Sydney NSW Australia, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane

We Say No Debt Agreements

At Get Out of Debt Today, we believe that you shouldn't be burdened for life for unfortunate outcomes at present. Our service is different to our debt reduction competitors because we choose to not use debt agreements, a form of bankruptcy. Solve your debt problems without jeopardising your future. Ensure your future, with no black mark or defaults recorded against your name.

  • Reduce Debts Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

We Reduce Your Debt

The team at Get Out of Debt Today understand that it can be a daunting task to talk to lenders, creditors and the Banks. That's why, as part of our service we will speak to them on your behalf. We know the legal jargon and having dealt with similar cases before know what can and cannot be done, what is a fair deal. We can reduce your debts by up to 90%, buy you time to repay your debts and earn you reprieve form your payments in certain circumstances.

  • Protect your Credit Rating Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

Protect Your Credit Rating

Discover all of your options, not just those that maximise your accountant's or Insolvency Practitioner’s fees. If you want to protect your credit rating, beat bankruptcy and insolvency and protect your assets with no black marks or defaults then contact us today to find out how we can get you out of debt today. Call: (02)9011 7919. We have helped countless people throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth - helping people Australia - wide.


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Get Out of Debt Today

For most, people do not get into financial difficulty deliberately. Debt all too often starts as a manageable obligation until something such as a sudden life change, job loss, relationship breakup, sickness, or even the welcome arrival of a new child. However, without help it can be hard to get out of the debt cycle. We understand that everyone is unique – that’s why at Get Out of Debt Today we will sit down with you to devise a tailored plan for your unique needs and circumstances

Get Reprieve from Loan Re-Payments

By talking to your lenders on your behalf we have the ability to get you time to pay back your debts - a reprieve from payments. We understand that sometimes all someone needs to get out of debt is a little extra time to organise their fiances. With the right support behind you a lender will be willing to work with you so that you can pay back your debts - after all, its is in their best interest for you to pay back your debts.

Clear Your Debts

We settle your debt amount by negotiating, on your behalf, a reduction of up to 40-90c to the dollar - based on your financial situation. We can clear your debts in this manner because we can leverage your creditors need to reduce their risk of you not being able to pay back your debts. Making you pay 100% of a debt you cannot afford, causing you to declare bankruptcy, is of no value to them because they will not receive their money.

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Debt Agreements

What Is A Debt Agreement?

A part 9 debt agreement is a part of the bankruptcy act of 1966 and is a condition you can use to pay off your debts by negotiating an agreement with your creditors. Find out how a debt agreement is used and what the pros and cons are of using such an agreement to pay off your debts. Learn how a debt agreement can lead to bankruptcy if not used properly.


Declaring Yourself Bankrupt

Before you consider declaring yourself bankrupt in Australia, find out what bankruptcy will mean, not only to your finances, but to your life in general as it can have a major effect of your ability to own a business, travel and own a house. Get the inside scoop on Australia’s bankruptcy laws and what happens when you are forced into bankruptcy by your creditors.

Debt Counselling

Planning A Budget

Whether you are saving for a holiday, looking to get out of debt or even saving for a deposit on a home, you are more than likely going to need a proper, flexible budget that is easy to follow while still giving you the flexibility you need to live your life. Our debt counsellor look at the key things you need to include in your budget to make is successful.

Debt Counselling

What Is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a way of combining your debts to make it easier for you to pay off, whilst also allowing your breathing space to negotiate with your creditors. Find out how our debt counsellors can help you reduce your debts with debt consolidation whilst avoiding all forms of bankruptcy which can lead to massive changes to your lifestyle.


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Discover all of your options, not just those that maximise your accountant or Insolvency Practitioner’s fees. Beat bankruptcy and insolvency, contact us today to find out how we can get you out of the tough financial situation you find yourself in. Call us for a complimentary consultation over the phone or fill out our online form for a call-back at a time that suits you. We understand that not everyone can call from 9 to 5, so please feel free to call us after hours or organise a call-back at a time that best suits. If you have a partner who is involved in your financial decisions then please schedule your complimentary consultation at a time when you’re both available to participate. Get out of debt today.

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