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Bankruptcy Solution Sydney

Bankruptcy Solution Sydney NSW

We are here to let you know that there is an alternative solution to declaring bankruptcy or becoming insolvent.
We can wipe your debts whilst keeping your credit ranking in tact with no debt agreements.
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Bankruptcy & Insolvency Solution Sydney Metro, Bondi Junction

Are you looking down the barrel of declaring yourself bankrupt in Sydney and looking for an alternate solution? If you're facing financial hardship in Sydney then you are not alone. At GODT we understand that everyone can hit hard times on occasion. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse for someone leading you down the path of declaring bankruptcy. Please don't be sucked into entering into a debt agreement or declaring formal bankruptcy. We are here to let you know that we can offer you an alternative solution to your financial hardship.

GODT understands that everyone faces financial strain at some point in their lives. In Sydney, even households and businesses that seem to be thriving can experience unexpected hardship due to life changes, job loss, or other factors that are out of our control. That’s why, we offer you expert advice and consultations about the true consequences of bankruptcy, debt agreements and other financial issues - we want you to get back to your feet and stay there; the best possible outcome for your future and all that you wish to attain. At GODT we want you to get your finances under control, maintain your great credit record and clear your debts once and for all.

It is worth noting that when it comes to debt in Sydney you aren't alone. Personal bankruptcies and formal insolvencies are at a record high, not only in Sydney, but throughout Australia, affecting three times as many Australian compared to twenty years ago. There is, however unfortunate, no safety in numbers when it comes to declaring bankruptcy and insolvency in Sydney Australia.

You Don't Have to Declare Bankruptcy or Enter into a Debt Agreement or Insolvency in Sydney

NO Debt Agreements, NO Bankruptcy, NO Insolvency, NO Defaults in Sydney

We differ from other services in Sydney because in a solution to your finacial hardship, we do not use debt agreements, formal bankruptcy arangements or insolvesy procedures. As you may or may not know already, debt agreements are simply another form of bankruptcy, with the same implications on your credit rating, effecting you both now and in the future. A form of declaring personal bankruptcy, debt agreements will negatively affect your credit rating - limiting personal freedom and your opportunities for the future. However, you may rest at ease as you don’t need to have a credit default or black mark listed on your record to solve your debt problems.

"...I saw a number of professional advisors about my situation,
but only Get Out of Debt Today gave me the full solution to both
my company and personal debt issues. Now even my credit card debt
has been eliminated and I have no black marks.
Why would anyone go bankrupt?!..."

Get Out of Debt Today offers a new perspective on debt solutions in Sydney by offering a range of personally tailored solutions to wipe potentially all of your debt without affecting your credit rating, entering into a debt agreement, or declaring bankruptcy.

How to Wipe All Your Debts Without Effecting Your Credit Rating in Sydney

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Ensure your future by making sure you can borrow money in the future without any black marks or defaults against your credit history. Talk to our Sydney team today about how you can reduce your debt and take control of your finances once and for all.

How We Differ from the Rest | Bankruptcy Solution Sydney

Solutions to being Bankrupt or Insolvent in Sydney
  • For Sydney clients, we offer an alternative to Debt Agreements
  • Tailored Solutions for your specific needs and circumstances
  • No Black Marks against your name + credit files
  • Keep your existing credit rating in tact with no defaults
  • Wipe all of your debt once and for all
  • NO debt Agreements
  • We can reduce your debts
  • We can protect your credit rating
  • GODT halts the banks | We will negotiate a payment plan on your behalf speaking to your creditors and lenders.
  • Smart Budgeting | We can create a personalised budget and an affordable payment plan tailored to your unique circumstances and financial situation.
  • We can buy you the precious time that you need to repay your debts

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Solution to being Bankrupt or Insolvent in Sydney NSW

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